Being fit is my passion

Kostya Tszyu

I travelled the world with Roman, because I wouldn't trust my health to anyone else.

Kostya Tszyu

Weight Loss: 23kgs in 3 months

I was introduced to Roman upon joining a gym for the first time in my life. I was 31 years old and had reached a point where I was not happy with many aspects of my life.

After having been involved in team sports through school and University, I’d moved on to join the corporate life. I was never blessed with an athlete’s physique and always struggled with those excess kilo’s, but after too many years of neglecting exercise and indulging in food, I realised something had to change, so took up a free trial at my local gym. It was there that I was introduced to Roman.

Roman Lyubovny didn’t judge me, or set me goals I couldn’t achieve. Having been in a similar position himself, Roman understood exactly where I was at.

After 3 months of training with Roman Lyubovny, I had lost 23kg. Roman educated me on nutrition and explained weight loss in the most simple, but effective ways (i.e. following the simple calorie deficit of burning more calories than you put in). Roman always varied training to challenge me, which motivated me to train, even when I didn’t really feel like it.

It has been a few years since I finished training with Roman, but I still carry with me the lessons he taught me. My physical and mental health have improved massively, along with my quality of life.

I credit Roman with regaining my confidence and allowing me opportunities I otherwise would not have imagined. I am currently in training to complete my first half marathon, a goal I would never have imagined a few years ago.

I can honestly say that the right personal trainer is an investment in yourself and your future. Roman Lyubovny is a professional who takes a personal interest in seeing his clients achieve results and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to motivate and train you to achieve your goals too.

Robert Canturi

12 months transformation

I have been seeing Roman for approximately 12 months now and I have seen great results. Before I started training my posture was terrible close to being a hunch back, I could barely do 5 push ups. Now my posture is improved at least 70 % and I can easily say I can do about 30 push ups. In Addition everyone has been commenting on how my posture has improved; colleagues, friends and family. These same people have been commenting on how much slimmer I am looking. This has lead to improvements in my self confidence in all areas of my life.

I recently went on a trip to the US, including NYC and managed to go for a good run around central park as well, if I hadn’t been seeing Roman prior to my trip one I would never have gone on the run and two if I did wouldn’t have been able to cope. However I managed to run a good 3-4 miles no problem at all.

Training with Roman has lead to positive changes to my lifestyle, less drinking, better eating and simple put a much healthier, stronger and balanced body. Needless to say all of the above has given my much more luck with potential partners.


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