12 months transformation

I have been seeing Roman for approximately 12 months now and I have seen great results. Before I started training my posture was terrible close to being a hunch back, I could barely do 5 push ups. Now my posture is improved at least 70 % and I can easily say I can do about 30 push ups. In Addition everyone has been commenting on how my posture has improved; colleagues, friends and family. These same people have been commenting on how much slimmer I am looking. This has lead to improvements in my self confidence in all areas of my life.

I recently went on a trip to the US, including NYC and managed to go for a good run around central park as well, if I hadn’t been seeing Roman prior to my trip one I would never have gone on the run and two if I did wouldn’t have been able to cope. However I managed to run a good 3-4 miles no problem at all.

Training with Roman has lead to positive changes to my lifestyle, less drinking, better eating and simple put a much healthier, stronger and balanced body. Needless to say all of the above has given my much more luck with potential partners.


George’s success story

I met Roman almost a year ago when I joined Fitness First. My main goal was to become healthier and slow down the ageing process. I had never done any exercise before, except some walking, so I was quite scared when I first entered the gym. Roman helped me to overcome my initial anxiety and make exercise part of my life.

I have been training with Roman twice a week since then. The exercises are not easy, but I enjoy a little bit of challenge and the small improvements I achieve motivate me to keep going. I feel more energetic, and my health has improved. I even had lots of fun in the process. Roman also helped me to eat and sleep better.

My next goal is to lose some weight and I am sure that if I listen to Roman and follow his advice I will be able to do it.


Greg’s success story

My name is Greg and I believe my story is one of success, I’m 54 years old 178cm and 80kg and in great shape and health now. When I joined Fitness First just over 12 months ago and started working with my Personal Trainer — Roman Lyubovny.

I was 85kg not big for a bloke my size but still I knew I needed to drop weight and tone up. My motivation behind joining a gym and seeking out a personal trainer was because of the frustration I faced with a bad back and continually being laid up and in pain after doing a simply days work at home. Over the years I had tried everything from massage, chiropractic and physiotherapy with no success.

My problem is more common than most people think, in your youth you do silly things causing injuries, you have a physical job then opportunities arise where you take on a management role or change careers and that’s when the problem starts, your muscles that you used before are no longer in use, your hours at work get longer with little time for yourself.

Roman identified my problem early on and established that my core strength was the issue and it was from that stage things started to change for me. I started with one hour sessions in the beginning once a week consisting of core exercises and nutritional tips, I was surprised how simply some of these exercises were and how effective it was. I attend the gym regularly now and have a 30 minute session once a week with my Personal Trainer just to keep on track.

I wish I felt this good when I was 40.


Ingrid’s Success Story

Roman has been my trainer since January 2011 and it has been a special and rewarding journey. Before working with him I was overweight, out of shape and unmotivated to be fit and well. Roman has helped me tremendously with my shape and strength, weight management, nutrition and most importantly for me — motivation! I am inspired now to take better care of myself and fitness is now part of my life.

Roman is very experienced with his nursing and sports massage background and outstanding fitness expertise – I feel very secure working with him – he’s assessed me thoroughly and helped me build core strength, flexibility and endurance. My shape is visibly and measurably tighter and stronger. He has also guided me on nutrition, advising me on supplements, food groups, portion size and ways to resist my weakness, sugar!

My fitness direction and goals are much clearer, thanks to Roman’s insights and expertise. He has a very warm personality, great sense of humour, real empathy for stress problems and always optimistic. He believed in me even when I didn’t!

I highly recommend Roman as a brilliant fitness and wellbeing expert. Training with him achieves results and long term direction.


Now I feel good

Upon moving to Sydney a year and a half ago, my key goals were to enjoy an improved work-life balance and improve my physical fitness. I had just arrived in Australia after a five year stint in London where a hectic and stressful work schedule took its toll on both my health and social life. Working in tandem with my personal trainer, Roman Lyubovny, I have been able to maintain a busy schedule while not sacrificing my health and fitness. This has been my first personal training experience, and I could not be happier about the results!

There are several key areas where I feel personal training with Roman has been particularly beneficial:

  1. Total body fitness;
  2. Rehabilitation;
  3. Advice and Motivation.

Prior to training with Roman, my workouts consisted of long runs, high impact boot camps, and sporadic weight training (focused only on upper body). I was finding that I was not particularly physically fit and I was getting injured frequently. I would summarize my goals simply by saying that I wanted to "feel good." As a city executive who sits in front of a computer most hours of the day, I wanted to improve my strength, flexibility, mobility, gain stamina, and improve energy levels. I didn't necessarily want to become a body builder or a marathon runner. I just wanted to learn how to take better care of my body for the long term. Roman worked with me on defining my goals and we embarked on a training regime centered around total body fitness.

Additionally, I have had several nagging injuries that Roman helped me work through, including knee problems and chronic upper back/neck stiffness. He has considerable expertise both diagnosing and treating various physical ailments. For example, we've incorporated foam rolling into my stretching exercises to loosen up my thoracic spine region. Furthermore, we spend quite a bit of time working on core exercises that improve overall mobility and strength. This has helped me log long hours at my desk without putting undo stress on my back/neck. Similarly, instead of pounding my body with high impact exercises after I injured my knee from excess running, Roman created new exercises to stretch and strengthen the problem area. His remedial massage skills are also an added bonus!

Although, most physical trainers are good athletes, Roman has the unique benefit of being an encyclopedia on a variety of health topics. We constantly talk about the problems associated with various food and drinks including caffeine and alcohol. This has all helped me live a more balanced lifestyle where I can continue to enjoy things while being aware of the consequences.

I work for an American based financial services company and travel fairly regularly back to the States. The hectic schedule combined with jetlag and long flights certainly wreaks havoc on my body and mind. While on the road, I attempt to "keep my body moving" as Roman so often suggests. Most of the workout routine and exercises can be done in hotel rooms or a basic gym. Therefore, I always feel like I can do something physical, which certainly helps my sleep patterns and mental alertness.

We often schedule catch-up sessions once back in Sydney to ensure that my body gets the attention it needs before escalating the intensity of my workouts. Roman puts together customized workouts depending on any day's particular circumstances, which keeps me highly motivated. A bespoke experience is welcomed as every day is different and should be treated as such.


An Incredible Trainer

I have been training with Roman for 6 months now. During this time, Roman has helped me achieve my personal goals of weight loss (10+ KG and counting), gaining strength and improving overall fitness level.

Using Roman’s extensive knowledge of physical training, he is able to keep each workout session both interesting and challenging. Whether we are doing big compound movements or weight training to boxing, Roman Lyubovny gets me out of my comfort zone and gets me to push myself to the max. Not only has my health and fitness levels improved, I can also see the change in my body shape. And I can proudly say that finally I can see some muscles bulge through.

I am one of those early birds who have the first training session of the day. And there is Roman, each time with a big smile on his face, greeting me with “How are you, my friend”. While each session is a lot of hard work, he still manages to make it something to look forward to.

Roman Lyubovny has been an incredible trainer, but also a lot of fun to workout with. And when a good song gets played, just watch him break into his little dance…


Weight Loss: 23kgs in 3 months

I was introduced to Roman upon joining a gym for the first time in my life. I was 31 years old and had reached a point where I was not happy with many aspects of my life.

After having been involved in team sports through school and University, I’d moved on to join the corporate life. I was never blessed with an athlete’s physique and always struggled with those excess kilo’s, but after too many years of neglecting exercise and indulging in food, I realised something had to change, so took up a free trial at my local gym. It was there that I was introduced to Roman.

Roman Lyubovny didn’t judge me, or set me goals I couldn’t achieve. Having been in a similar position himself, Roman understood exactly where I was at.

After 3 months of training with Roman Lyubovny, I had lost 23kg. Roman educated me on nutrition and explained weight loss in the most simple, but effective ways (i.e. following the simple calorie deficit of burning more calories than you put in). Roman always varied training to challenge me, which motivated me to train, even when I didn’t really feel like it.

It has been a few years since I finished training with Roman, but I still carry with me the lessons he taught me. My physical and mental health have improved massively, along with my quality of life.

I credit Roman with regaining my confidence and allowing me opportunities I otherwise would not have imagined. I am currently in training to complete my first half marathon, a goal I would never have imagined a few years ago.

I can honestly say that the right personal trainer is an investment in yourself and your future. Roman Lyubovny is a professional who takes a personal interest in seeing his clients achieve results and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to motivate and train you to achieve your goals too.

Robert Canturi

18 Month Transformation

I have been training with Roman Lyubovny for 18 months now and found him to be hugely motivational.

He is flexible around my training times which fits my busy travel schedule.

Roman has helped me loose 23 Kgs and straightened my back.

If you want someone to push you beyond where you go yourself but always within safe limits then he comes highly recommended.

Steve Plant

Roman Lyubovny: motivated & knowledgeable trainer

I have been a client of Roman's since May 2008. After training with several other Fitness Trainers over the years, Roman Lyubovny proved to be the one who really understood my fitness requirements. I initially went to Roman to see if he could assist me with the issues I had with my knees. Over the first few months of training, Roman spent many hours ensuring that I strengthened my knees which in turn enabled me to undertake several forms of exercise which had been restricted to me until that time.

Over the years Roman Lyubovny assisted me in achieving many goals including completing the Bridge to Beach kayak race over the last two years and climbing Sri Pada (Adam's Peak) in Sri Lanka. Considering how bad my knees were when I first started with Roman, this was a significant achievement for me. I am now setting future goals, all with Roman's guidance.

Roman Lyubovny is a motivated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, warm & generous trainer and individual. He is driven by his client's success and is constantly thinking of ways to improve their lifestyle with regular doses of "what to do & what not to do" - in my cases this usually centred around food! I cannot thank Roman enough for all that he has done for me in making me a fitter & healthier individual and I would have no hesitation in recommending Roman to anyone who is seeking a trainer to improve their health & fitness.

Zeena Haniffa

Stephen's recommendation

Roman has been inspirational in achieving my goals from the very outset. He listens to what you want out of your fitness goals and makes sure you climb your Everest. As a football referee, his fitness programs are unique and specific to the type of training I need to get me through a full game of 90 minutes. This has really prepared my physical toughness and mental awareness significantly.

He will get the very best out of you and actually cares about your form and consistency. Through his vast experience, it is obvious that he understands the mechanics of your body and he will target the areas you need to get stronger.

I very much recommend Roman as your Personal Trainer!

Stephen Lucas

Dedication and Expertise

Roman is a superb physical trainer who has been training me for over two years. He is knowledgeable and has great expertise in managing training routines and graded exercise programs for many different types of clients. He has particular strength in rehabilitation training and improving functional mobility, strength, endurance and performance after injury. He underpins his training approach and planning for each session with very strong theoretical knowledge and many years of experience.

He has multiple certifications from well-recognized agencies in different aspects of training and exercise. Roman is very easy to work with and accommodating.

I note that he has many long term clients which is a great testimony to his skill, dedication and expertise.

Bruce Dowton

Being fit is my passion

Kostya Tszyu

I travelled the world with Roman, because I wouldn't trust my health to anyone else.

Kostya Tszyu