October 20, 2019

Do you choose hard now or hard later?

Let’s face it, getting and staying fit and healthy is hard work. 

October 13, 2019

Still craving the wrong foods? Here’s how to stop…

Let’s face it, we live in a world where food temptations are everywhere…which lead to cravings, which lead to you eating things that you shouldn’t. Again. And again. And again. Until you’re so fed up with your body that you don’t even know where to begin to get yourself back on track.

October 6, 2019

Use THIS to achieve your goal (guaranteed to work…)

This technique is so simple and yet it makes ALL of the difference when it comes to your results.

September 29, 2019

Ready to Transform? (3 Steps!)

Would you like to be thinner? Have better habits? And feel more positive about life?

September 22, 2019

Time to FINALLY make a change

It happens to everyone. That moment when you realise that it’s time to do something about your weight.

September 15, 2019

Will you ever lose it?

If you get fat are you doomed to stay fat?

September 8, 2019

Please stop fooling yourself

You want to be fit and lean, right?

August 25, 2019

3 dieting hacks that work

Working out hard is an essential part of any fat loss plan. It sculpts your muscles, raises your resting metabolism, whittles down your waist and gives you functional strength and endurance.

August 18, 2019

Vacation recovery plan

So you went away, saw a new part of the world, and now you’re back. You ate, you drank, you relaxed, and then you ate some more.

August 11, 2019

The power of this moment

Are you still looking forward to the day that you’ll be lean and fit?

August 5, 2019

Your fad diet nightmare

Have you noticed how people jump onboard with a popular fad diet, lose 5, 10 or even 20 pounds…only to gain it all back and then some. Why does this happen? It’s actually a simple concept, and once you understand it you will be forever saved from the tortures of yo-yo dieting.

July 28, 2019

5 Habits of the Fit and Fabulous

Being fit is all about the lifestyle, and not the quick fix, so let’s take a glimpse at the habits that fit people have. These following five habits are held by successfully fit people…let’s see if you could apply some to your own life.

July 21, 2019

3 Bonus Gifts (of Fat Loss)

When you put in the focused effort to lose weight there are certain benefits that you expect to get. You expect to look better in your clothes. You expect to have more energy. And you expect to feel pretty happy about your accomplishment.

July 14, 2019

Lose belly fat faster than ever

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished that you could make your belly fat vanish before your eyes? Unattractive fat around the stomach is one of the most common body frustrations that my new clients complain about.

July 7, 2019

Your doctor feels like a broken record

That’s right—he’s sick and tyred of telling you how important exercise is to your health because YOU DON’T LISTEN.

June 23, 2019

Need motivation? Open me!

A dose of motivation will change your life almost overnight.

June 10, 2019

Once overweight, always overweight?

While many people are able to lose a substantial amount of weight, very few keep the weight off for more than a year.

June 2, 2019


Want proof that the habits you keep make all of the difference?

May 26, 2019

4 Fat Loss Recipes

May 12, 2019

4 Easy Steps to Quit Junk Food

If only junk food didn’t taste so good, then it would be easier to resist. The reason for its craveable flavour is a specialised balance of sugar, fat and salt.

May 5, 2019

Get what you really want

Have you ever acted against your better judgement? Ummmm, of course you have. We all have. Sometimes you do things that you later regret. And this keeps you from achieving that lean, sexy body that you want.

April 29, 2019

Better than crunches

Your basic ab crunch isn’t the most effective way to get toned abs. It simply doesn’t activate your core muscles to the extent that other exercises do, it can hurt your back, and the small motion doesn’t do much by way of calorie burning.

April 22, 2019

Ditch these 5 sweets

How often has your sweet tooth ruined your clean diet?

April 14, 2019

Want to get in shape for summer?

I've got just the no-fail fat loss plan to get you there. Follow these 5 steps to transform your body over the next 8 weeks…

April 7, 2019

When you fail to see results from diet and exercise

I saw an infomercial the other day for a weight loss solution targeting the frustrated people who, “fail to see results from diet and exercise.” Had to scratch my head on that one.

April 3, 2019

You’re 5 feet from gold…

There is one reason why most people haven’t yet reached their goals, and it’s a simple one. It’s something that I’voe struggled in the past, and it just may be the one thing that’s holding you back from your big breakthrough.

February 17, 2019

Do THIS for Faster results

The time that you spend on exercise can be used even more effectively for faster results.

February 10, 2019

How to CRUSH a Fitness Challenge

One of the best ways to make a dramatic improvement in your body and your fitness level is to participate in a challenge. It is a chance to take a hard look at where you currently stand with your weight and conditioning, and to set a goal with an end date for making big changes and progress.

February 3, 2019

Don't Believe These Three Supplement Myths

If you could live a longer, healthier life by taking a small pill each day, you'd do it wouldn't you? You’d be crazy not to! With this fact in mind, the incredible growth of dietary supplements makes sense. It's estimated one out of every three Americans currently takes some sort of nutritional supplement each day. According to government statistics, more than $11 billion is spent each year on vitamins and minerals in the U.S. alone!

January 27, 2019

5 Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories at Work

You may think the 30 minutes you spend every other day in the gym is enough to keep you trim and healthy, but it’s not. If you want overall good health, you need to eat well and find windows of exercising opportunity every day—not just during your scheduled workouts.

January 20, 2019

Never crave naughty foods again (here’s how)

You wake up each morning with every intention of eating “good” today.

January 13, 2019

7 Resolutions You Can Keep

Are you feeling reluctant to create New Year’s Resolutions? After years of failed resolutions past, I don’t blame you. However, if you pick the right resolutions, you’ll face the New Year head on, ready to make good on your big plans from January 1 all the way to December 31.

January 6, 2019

New Year…New You!

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, New Year’s resolutions are a good thing. If you struggle to believe that, it’s probably because of a history of failed resolutions. This year, however, you owe it to yourself to become the new person you want to be. Not in order to impress other people. You’re going to do it to remind yourself that yes, you can do whatever you put your mind to—you can become a better person.