Online training

Personal trainer

The freedom at your own pace

Online personal training is a new way you can engage with me. Online training is suitable for all fitness levels and ideal for those who want to have freedom to workout at their own pace.

On our first 30 min initial Skype health, fitness and goals assessment I will go over your specific fitness goals, assess your strengths and weaknesses to design a custom workout routine for you. As you evolve in your fitness journey your fitness program will be modified appropriately to support your goal.

All communication is done online through Trainerize app or on the web.

Here's what you'll get

  • Fully customised training plan
  • 30 min initial skype health, fitness and goals assessment
  • Monthly program upgrade and/or change
  • Weekly e-mail and SMS support
  • 3 to 6 workouts per week depending on your needs and goals
  • Basic eating plan or a fully customised
  • Weekly newsletter with great motivation tips and healthy recipes
  • 10-15 min Phone or Skype check-ins and support to help you stay on track

What happens after


After you’ve signed up for Online Training, you’ll receive a welcome email with information on how to setup your account.


Download mobile app packed with instructions so you can do your workout anywhere and anytime it's convenient to you.


After completing your initial assessment I’ll custom design a workout routine and you’re good to go.